is extended until Monday 24 May at 8.00 AM (local time)
  • May 20 (for entering title and text abstract)
  • May 27 (for adding pdf and attachments)

Authors are invited to submit electronically via EasyChair a copy of their extended abstract, not exceeding four single spaced pages (including all tables, figures and references) on A4 paper using a 12pt font, possibly Time New Roman.

Special Issue

The organizing committee is considering the publication of a post-conference special issue in the Journal Theoretical Informatics and Applications. The following is a tentative schedule for the special issue:

- Oct 2010 invitations to submit for the special issue
- Dec 2010 deadline for submissions
- Feb 2011 referee reports and accept/reject decisions
- Apr 2011 final versions

Invitations to submit for the special issue will be sent only to those ICTCS participants that have attached to the extended abstract a preliminary draft of the journal submission (there is no page limit on this preliminary draft). These preliminary drafts will be used in a pre-screening phase, to decide about invitations to the special issue. The results presented in these drafts must be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere, including the proceedings of other conferences or workshops. Authors should mention explicitly (in the text only abstract) of any closely related work submitted/accepted to a conference or journal.

Questions concerning submissions for presentation at ICTCS or to the special issue, like suitability of a submission, can be sent to