Flavio Corradini was born in Macerata (MC) the 18th April 1966. Flavio Corradini is Full Professor at the University of Camerino. Prior to that, he has been Assistant Professor (1996-2000) and Associate Professor (2000-2003) at the University of L'Aquila. From November 1996 to November 1997 he was Visiting Researcher at Sussex University, Brighton (UK). Flavio Corradini received a Laurea Degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa (1991) and a PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (1996). He is Professor of Software Engineering and Complex System Design at the University of Camerino. Since January 2010, Flavio Corradini is Prorector of International Research and the Transfer of Knowledge, Skills and Technology. He has been Director of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department (2006-2009), President of the center for digital services and information systems of the University of Camerino (2004-2010) and Coordinator of the Computer Science Studies of the University of Camerino (2004-2006). He is President of the spin-off UniCam "e-Lios (e-Linking on line systems)".

His main research activities are in the area of formal specification, verification of concurrent, distributed and real-time systems. Flavio Corradini started his scientific career in Pisa University, obtaining his Laurea Degree (MSc) in Computer Science in 1991, with a thesis on "Localities and causalities in distributed Process Algebra" under the supervision of Professor Rocco De Nicola. During this period he studied the observational equivalences for specification languages of distributed and concurrent systems with spatial distribution of components and causality relations among events. From 1992 to 1996 as PhD student, he still worked under the supervision of Prof. Rocco De Nicola, at the Department of Computer Science of University of Rome, studying new equivalence relations based on simulation and bisimulation to discriminate systems by spatial distribution, consumed time and non-deterministic degree. His PhD thesis was titled "Space, time and non-determinism in process algebra". During the last year of his PhD, he was visiting researcher at University of Sussex to study, under the supervision of Professor Matthew Hennessy, semantic theories for systems whose functionalities can change over time and the expressiveness of synchronous and asynchronous systems communication paradigms. At the end of 1996, he was appointed as assistant professor at University of L'Aquila. He immediately started to set up a new research group on formal methods for the design, specification, and verification of complex systems, with respect to spatial distribution of components, performance and non-determinism.
In 2004, the Rector of the University of Camerino called Flavio Corradini as Full Professor with the aim to drive with enthusiasm the academic program degree in computer science and to start up a research group exploiting his scientific experience, in order to gain high visibility at international level. Since then, he has been working to design and improve the Bachelor degree in Computer Science, and to establish the Master degree in Computer Science and the PhD program in Information Science and Complex Systems (started on 2005 as his initiative). He has been taking advantage of his scientific international collaborations with Luca Aceto and Anna Ingolfsdottir (Reykjavik University, Iceland), Jos Baeten (Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands) and Scott Smolka (Stony Brook University, NY-US), leaders of research groups in his area, for exchanging students, researchers and teaching staff.
Moreover, he has been driving the growth of two research groups, one based on his scientific interests (CoSy: Complex Systems Group) and another to provide an answer to the regional ICT needs in terms of technological transfer (UEG Research Group). To date the UEG is sufficiently autonomous (1 senior researcher, 3 researchers and 3 PhD students) and supported by the university Spin-Off e-LIOS, (e- Linking online systems SRL, about 10 employees) that he contributed to create. Thus, he currently concentrate on the coordination of his research group composed by 7 researchers and 4 PhD students. In the last decade, his research activity and that of his group have significantly contributed in several sectors of the theoretical computer science, and in particular on their application to bioinformatics, computational systems biology and modelling and simulation of biological systems: He published more than 100 papers in the main journals and conference of his area of interest like Journal of ACM, Journal of Computer and System Science, Information and Computation, Theoretical Computer Science, Science of Computer Programming, Communications of ACM, ICALP, Concur, MFCS, AMAST. He was involved (acting, in some cases, also as coordinator) in several national and international projects. Flavio Corradini was member of the Steering Committee of the series of conferences FORMATS (Formal Modelling and Analysis of Timed Systems, 2004-2009), co-Scientific Director of the 4th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software Systems: Real Time and co-author of the book "A Process Algebraic Approach to Software Architecture Design" (Springer). He was Program co-Chair of the first edition of the Workshop MTCS 2000 (Models for Time-critical Systems) and Program co-Chair of the following workshops and conferences: MTCS 2001, EXPRESS 2003 (Expressiveness in Concurrency), EXPRESS 2004, WOA 2005, LMCS 2006, ICTCS 2010. He was/is member of the Program Committee of the following workshops and conferences MTCS 2000,2001,2002, FORMATS 2003, ICTCS 2003, EXPRESS 2003, FORMATS&FRTTCS 2004, ARTS 2004, EXPRESS 2004 FORMATS 2005, LICS 2006, FOSSACS 2006,2007, FCT 2007, QAPL 2008,2009, FM 2009, CAI 2009, SEFM 2009,2010, EPEW10.

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