Computer Science @ UniCam

Computer Science @ UniCam

The Computer Science Division is a vibrant and young group of researchers that is part of the School of Science and Technology

It provides the following teaching programmes:

  • BSc in Informatics - Laurea in Informatica, EQF Level 6, 3 years, taught in Italian
  • MSc in Computer Science - Laura Magistrale in Computer Science, EQF Level 7, 2 years, taught in English 
  • PhD in Computer Science, EQF Level 8, 3 years, taught in English 

Part of the programmes may be attended abroad through the strong connections with foreign universities and research institutes the division has. The division has a strong research background in modelling, analysis, verification and deployment of distributed systems. The University of Camerino and its computer science division offer remarkable research and teaching infrastructures and efficient student services. Camerino is ranked first among the small-scale Italian University (less than 10000 students) according to CENSIS.

Roles and responsible people within the Computer Science Division are as following distributed. 

Head of the Division - Responsabile di Sezione: Andrea Polini
Tel +39 0737 402563

Responsible for the Bachelor degree: Francesco Tiezzi
Tel.: +39 0737 402524 

Responsible for the Master degree: Michele Loreti
Tel.: +39 0737 402587 

Responsible for the PhD Curriculum in Computer Science: Emanuela Merelli
Tel.: +39 0737 402567 

University Orientation - Orientamento (Eventi): Roberto Gagliardi
Tel +39 0737 402115

Relationships with High Schools - Rapporti con le scuole: Rosario Culmone
Tel +39 0737 402500

Internationalization - Internazionalizzazione (Erasmus): Luca Tesei
Tel +39 0737 402572

Stage and Placement: Fausto Marcantoni
Tel +39 0737 402105

Communication - Comunicazione: Barbara Re
Tel + 39 0737 402524

Tutors - Tutorato: Leonardo Pasini
Tel +39 0737 402562

Logistics - Logistica: Fausto Marcantoni
Tel +39 0737 402105

Graduation Procedures - Sedute di Laurea: Leonardo Mostarda
Tel +39 0737 402587