I'm leading the BioShape Laboratory: Methods and Models for Analysis and Simulation of Complex Systems
I'm the coordinator of EU FP7 FET Project TOPDRIM: Topology driven methods for multilevel complex systems
I'm participating in the COST Action IC1405: Reversible Computation: extending horizons of computing

My research interests include: concurrency theory and agent-oriented languages for modelling the dynamics of multi-level complex systems; spatial and topology-driven process calculi for analysing and predicting the emergent behaviour of complex systems; distributed computing for open-ended, heterogeneous, highly parallel and distributed system with applications to physical, biological, and social phenomena; recently, data language.
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Recent talks - Brief CV
2005 2009 to Nadia Busi 2010 2015

Incoming Events

EATCS-TOPDRIM Young Researcher School 2015 on Understanding COMPLEXITY and CONCURRENCY through TOPOLOGY of DATA
July 13th-22nd, 2015 in Camerino

TOPDRIM4Bio 2015 Topology-driven bio-inspired methods and models for complex systems
December 3rd, 2015 in New York -- Affiliated to BIONETICS15: 9th International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies

Coordination Models, Languages and Applications Special Track of the 31st ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC'16)
April 3rd-8th, 2016 in Pisa

Recent Publications

Mario Rasetti, Emanuela Merelli The Topological Field Theory of Data: a program towards a novel strategy for mining data through data language , J. Physiscs: Conf. Series 626 (2015)

Emanuela Merelli, Nicola Paoletti, Luca Tesei Adaptability checking in complex systems, Science of Computing Programming, In press, 2015

Emanuela Merelli, Marco Pettini, Mario Rasetti Topology driven modeling - the IS metaphor, Natural Computing, vol. 14, issue 3 (2015)

Emanuela Merelli, Mario Rasetti Non locality, Topology, Formal languages: New Global Tools to Handle Large Data Sets , ICCS 2013.

Emanuela Merelli, School of Science and Technology -- Division of Computer Science
Camerino University.
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